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PAL Academic Course Contact Guide: FM Strategy

This is a guide created by the Central PAL Team that provides information and advice on being a PAL Academic Course contact.

Faculty of Management

Front loaded approach

Semester 1

  • 10 sessions delivered weekly (weeks 13-22)

Semester 2

  • 3 sessions at ‘key touch-points’:
    • Beginning of semester 2 (suggested week 32)
    • Mid semester (suggested week 37)
    • Pre-exams (suggested week 45)

As part of this year's strategy, PAL Leaders are allocated an hour session during Induction Week to carry out any welcome activities with their seminar group. 

PAL Leaders should not be carrying out any additional work than that listed in the strategy, either requested by academics or otherwise, as this has not been budgeted for.

If you have any questions or requests about the strategy, please contact Philip Ryland at and cc the Central PAL Team ( into any communications regarding PAL matters.