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Referencing - BU Harvard 22-23 Full Guide: FAQs

Can I use the BU Harvard Referencing Guide on my webpage?

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If you wish to cite this webguide please use the following notation:

Bournemouth University, 2022. Referencing - BU Harvard 22 -23 [online]. Poole: Bournemouth University. Available from: [Accessed Date].

If you wish to cite the print version of this guide please use the following notation:

Bournemouth University, 2022. Guide to citation and referencing in the BU’s Harvard style. Poole: Bournemouth University. Available from: [Accessed Date].

Creative Commons License:

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Do I have to follow BU's Referencing Style?

  • There is no standard version of Harvard referencing. ‘Harvard’ is a generic term for any style that contains author-date references. Students at BU are required to follow BU Harvard referencing guidelines.
  • If you are an academic or PhD research staff writing for external publication please follow author guidelines issued to you by your publisher.
  • You should also check Faculty / Unit / Dissertation Handbooks where you may find further information and / or you may receive further instruction (e.g. about layout) from Academic Staff.

What is the difference between a reference list and a bibliography?

  • A reference list should include only items actually cited in your work. This is what you are usually required to produce at the end of each assignment and dissertation, unless academic staff specify otherwise.
  • A bibliography lists all the works you have studied and read in preparing your assignment. This would include all the sources you have directly cited and referred to in your text, plus any background reading.
  • Check your course unit handbook, or, ask your course lecturers for instruction on which type of list you need to include in your assignment. Typically, you will be instructed to provide a reference list