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Referencing - BU Harvard: PDF Guide

  • This Guide is not for BU students who study our Psychology course (Faculty of Science and Technology), History, or Law courses (both in Faculty of Media and Communications). Check the 'Who should use this guide' section below for more details.
  • This online guide recommends how to cite and reference according to BU’s version of the Harvard style for 2020/21 academic year, starting 21st September 2020.
  • List of edits made to the 2020 edition (bottom of the Welcome page).

For 2020-21 academic year - PDF Guide to download and print

  • There are a few minor changes compared to the PDF dated September 2019 (removed 28th August 2020), mainly to help clarify some guidance. Instructions remain the same on how to format and layout citing of sources in the main text of work, and, in the reference list at the end of work.

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Usage and Attribution of this Guide
If you wish to cite this document please use the following notation:

Bournemouth University, 2020. Guide to citation and referencing in the BU Harvard style [online]. Poole: Bournemouth University. Available from: [Accessed Date].

Accessibility notice: If you require a Word version of this document you may email

Who should use this guide

  • The majority of courses at BU require you to use our Harvard style of referencing, except these courses: Law, History (both in Faculty of Media and Communications), and Psychology (in Faculty of Science and Technology).
  • Law students should follow BU’s online guides Referencing – International law and Referencing – UK & EU Law.
  • Psychology students should follow APA style.
  • History students should follow Chicago Style.
  • If you are an academic or PhD research staff writing for external publication please follow author guidelines issued to you by your publisher.