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Referencing - BU Harvard: Referencing Generator Tools & Apps

Referencing generators


  • There are many online referencing tools and apps freely available to download and use on the web (examples Ref Chef, BibGuru, EasyBib, Refworks, Zotero, Cite This For Me, Neil's Toolbox and Citavi). None of these free tools are endorsed by Bournemouth University.
  • Currently BU only endorses and supports the use of Endnote (online and desktop).

Endnote Online and Desktop

  • EndNote is reference management software that helps you organise and insert citations and reference lists when writing university work.
  • Any student, researcher or member of staff can use the online version of Endnote. There is also a desktop version. Endnote works with Microsoft Word to generate your citations and reference list.
  • Further information can be found using our online guide Endnote: reference management software.

Guidance: referencing generator tools and apps

If you choose to use referencing tools online or download any apps you must consider the following:

  • EndNote Web and Endnote Desktop are currently the only referencing tool endorsed and supported by Bournemouth University. Endnote can be set to output references in BU’s version of the Harvard style.
  • Be aware that they vary in quality and ultimately you are responsible for the references you submit. Always proof-read your references if you create them using any online tools or apps.
  • Poor referencing from online reference tools and apps may affect your marks, or in serious cases, may contribute to academic offences (plagiarism).
  • Unsupported tools and apps may not be regularly updated. Using them carries a risk that support may be withdrawn without notice and you may lose your stored references.
  • BU Library Teams provide guidance and support for referencing, including one-to-one or small group sessions.
  • BU’s guidance on how to avoid plagiarism and the Study Skills area on Brightspace.