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Referencing - BU Harvard 22-23 Full Guide: Thesis

Referencing a Thesis

Important Notes:

  • Usually a PhD, MPhil or MRes thesis, these are acceptable to use as evidence in your university work.
  • You should not normally refer to unpublished undergraduate (BA) or taught postgraduate (MSc) dissertations.
  • If you are unsure whether you have found a thesis or a dissertation, seek advice from a BU Academic or Librarian.

Referencing a thesis: details, order and format


Thesis (online)

front cover thesisCiting in the main text of your work

  • e.g. "The choices as to whom to prosecute have a profound impact on the level of truth that emerges" (Klinkner 2009, p.17).

Referencing in list at the end of your work

Usually a PhD, MPhil or MRes thesis. You should not normally refer to unpublished undergraduate or taught postgraduate dissertations.

Surname/Family Name, INITIALS., Year. Title of thesis [online] (if applicable). Designation (and type). Name of institution to which submitted. Available from: URL [Accessed Date].

  • e.g. Klinkner, M. J., 2009. Toward improved understanding and interaction between forensic science and international criminal law in the context of transitional justice [online]. Thesis (PhD). Bournemouth University. Available from: [Accessed 19 June 2019].