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Referencing - BU Harvard 22-23 Full Guide: Tutorials & Quizzes

Tutorials and Quizzes

Tutorials: BU Harvard

These Tutorials are not for BU students who study our Psychology course (Faculty of Science and Technology), History, or Law courses (both in Faculty of Media and Communications):

Tutorials: Understanding and practising BU Harvard referencing

  • For all BU students except those studying Law, Psychology or History courses (who need to follow links on this BU Library webpage)
  • We recommend allowing up to 30 minutes to complete both tutorials.
  • You do not have complete all of it, or finish it in one attempt. You may dip in and out of it, choosing what you wish to learn

Part One: Understanding Referencing (allow 15 minutes to complete)

Enter Tutorial Part One


Part Two: Practise referencing in BU's Harvard style (allow 15 minutes to complete)

Enter Tutorial Part Two

[Released 18th September 2019]

Plagiarism Quiz

Quiz: Understanding Plagiarism as an Academic Offence

  • Test your understanding of plagiarism as an academic offence
  • We recommend allowing 10-15 minutes to complete this

Take the Plagiarism Quiz

[Released 5th September 2019]

Academic Offences Quiz

Quiz: Academic Offences

  • Test your understanding of academic offences
  • We recommend allowing 10-15 minutes to complete this

[Released 6th July 2021]