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Referencing - BU Harvard: Webpage

Referencing Webpages

Referencing a webpage: details, order and format

Instructions how to reference a webpage

Click on the headings below for instructions

Citing in the main text of your work

In this case the author is the name of the organisation that has created the web page: Bournemouth University (BU)

This example shows paraphrasing:

  • e.g. Bournemouth University (BU) Library and Learning Support offers services and resources to help research, teaching and learning (BU 2019).

This example shows quoting:

When quoting directly from a web page, you cannot put a page number:

  • e.g. "Citing or quoting references is an important part of academic work. Learn about the process and how you're expected to cite references in your work" (BU 2019).

Referencing in list at the end of your work

Organisation/Surname/Family Name, INITIALS., Year. Title of webpage [online]. Place of publication: Publisher (if available - check the website e.g. ‘About us’ or ‘Contact us’ pages). Available from: URL [Accessed Date].

  • e.g. Bournemouth University, 2019. Library and Learning Support [online]. Poole: Bournemouth University. Available from: [Accessed 29 August 2019].


Advice about webpage place of publication and publisher details:

  • For webpage place of publication and publisher details, use what may be available in the website ‘About us’ or ‘Contact’ sections, otherwise, you may need to leave those details out.

Citing in the main text of your work

  • e.g. If you are inserting a screenshot image you have taken of content in Anatomy TV, you may insert it as a Figure, following instructions here ('Citing in the Text' tab of this guide, point 6. 'Inserting figures').
  • e.g. If you are referring to a section of Anatomy TV, it can be cited like this: Having checking the 3D atlas: head and neck section in Anatomy TV (Primal Pictures 2016), it showed...

Referencing in list at the end of your work

  • e.g. Primal Pictures, 2016. Anatomy and physiology online: cell biology [online]. London: Informa. Available from: [Accessed 5 September 2016].