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Studying Effectively: Grammar

English Grammar books in the library

Grammar software

We have an online programme called Tense Buster which covers a wide range of grammar topics. The programme is organised into 5 levels of competency, from elementary to advanced.  

Our Grammar Diagnostic Test Feedback sheet will indicate which aspects of the Tense Buster programme would be most useful for you to revise.  


Click on the image to access the programme. Please use the "Continue as Guest" option


Grammar resources available via this guide

You can take a Grammar Diagnostic Test which helps you to identify if there are any gaps in your grammatical knowledge. The online version is below. Make sure you download the feedback sheet (below) after you have taken the test to find out where to get help with the areas where you might have made mistakes 


Grammar Diagnostic Test

Subject Guide

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Language Support

External links: Grammar help

A list of some external sites for learning and practising grammar.

The Internet Grammar of English (University College London) 

Learn English Grammar and Vocabulary (British Council)

Grammar and Writing Activities ( Bristol University)

English tenses