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Journalism and Communication: Market and Audience Research

Market and Audience Research

Market and Audience research is based around data and reports that come from surveying various members of the public on their attitudes towards differing media, consumer and social factors. This data is specifically collected and analysed by companies for commercial purposes. ie. they can sell the information to businesses wishing to target certain audiences. BU has access to a number of market and audience research services although they are aimed at commercial rather than educational audiences and therefore can be difficult to navigate. They do however contain very useful information for marketing and advertising campaign planning.


Market Research

Market Research focuses mainly on consumer trends with regards to commercial products. They contain data and reports on specific products and markets and also consumer trends amd demographic analyses. The main databases for this kind of information are

Mintel is a UK Market research Company Reports covering domestic consumer products and services plus marketing news and reports from UK trade press


Keynote is a UK Market Research Company Producing reports in 30 consumer, business and industry sectors. Includes business intelligence reports, SWOT, PEST and competitor analysis, business ratios and market forecasts

(Euromonitor International)

Passport is and international market research tool that monitors industry trends and gives you strategic analysis and a market size and market share database for products across key countries. Passport is Euromonitor International's global market analysis software platform, which analyses the industry in countries around the world

TGI Sales Tab (Target Index Group)

UK marketing and media surveys. The Sales Tab is a marketing research tool that allows users to analyse audience and consumer attitudes in relation to thousands of products and brands, as well as advertising medium.

Advertising Spend

Advertising Spend - Data on top advertising spend companies can be found in both

MediaTel (available through Faculty of Media and Communication Tab in Brightspace)


World Advertising Research Council WARC.

Advertising Costs - Costs to place advertisements in various mediums and can be found at

British Rate and Data (BRAD)

Audience research data

Audience Research focuses on analysing Media reach and Media Consumption. There are several organizations which collect this data  including

  • BARB - Broadcasting Audience Research Board
  • RAJAR - Radio Joint Audience Research
  • NRS - National Readership Surveys (formerly JICNARS)

The Library does not subscribe directly to these data sets but a substantial amount of data is published for free through their websites

MediaTel (available through Faculty of Media and Communication area in Brightspace)

The Media School also has access to MediaTel which is an audience research database which brings together data from the above organizations and other data collecting bodies. Through it you can view data and reports of media consumption by geographic location and by medium