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Referencing - BU Harvard: List of Guide Edits

Edits made to the 2020 edition

Section in Introduction page:

  • Guidance on Personal Communications was duplicated in online guide on Introduction page and Citing in the main text of your work, part n. Removed from Introduction page.
  • Link to video added: recording of Librarian's BU Harvard Referencing Workshop.

Sections in Citing in the Main Text of Your Work (pages 4 – 8 of PDF guide):

  • Personal communications guidance re-written and clarified in this online guide: Citing in the main text of your work, part n (or section 2.1 n page 6 of PDF guide): now recommends “You may consider adding personal communications to an Appendix section (check with the academic setting your assignment before including Appendices).”
  • ‘Unpublished sources (e.g. lectures, internal documents, leaflets, posters etc.)’ re-written in this online guide: Citing in the main text of your work, part o (or section 2.1 o page 7 of PDF guide). Point about lectures now states: “University lectures are not published sources to be used as academic evidence in your work (except when an academic grants permission to do so). The purpose of an academic's lecture (e.g. recordings, slides and notes posted on Brightspace units) is to aid your learning and direct you to sources for independent study and revision.”

Pages in Reference List at the End of Your Work – Examples (pages 8 to 14 of PDF guide):

  • Mis-match (that was spotted during the 19/20 academic year) between online Mintel report example in PDF and online guide corrected. URL removed from Mintel source example in this online guide: Report example page.
  • Removed this instruction from referencing legislation in BU’s Harvard style: “Legislation should appear in a separate list after the main list of references (in alphabetical order).” Legislation can now appear alphabetically listed in the Reference List at the end of work, there is no need to list legislation separately.
  • In Jan’ 2020 ‘Data (for PG Researchers and Academics)’ page was re-titled ‘Data / Data Sets’ in this online guide.

Plagiarism page: