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Referencing - BU Harvard 22-23 Full Guide: Authors


  • Use the name(s) of the person or organisation shown most prominently in the source as being responsible for the content.
  • If no author is given and there is clearly no identifiable person or organisation, use ‘Anon.’, except for webpages, newspapers, film, dictionaries or encyclopaedias (see No author or clearly identifiable person/organisation responsible for further guidance).
  • For all examples use the same author notation in both the main text of your work and in the list of references at the end - they must match.

Two authors

When citing in the main text of your work the surnames of both should be given:-

  • e.g. Matthews and Jones (2001) have proposed that…

More than two authors (3+ authors)

When citing in the main text of your work the surname of the first author only should be given, followed by et al.:

  • e.g. Office costs amount to 20% of total costs in most business (Wilson et al. 2020).

Then all authors’ names should be noted in the reference list at the end.

et al. means 'and others'