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Referencing - BU Harvard 22-23 Full Guide: No author or identifiable person/organisation

No author or identifiable person/organisation

For all examples use the same author notation in the list of references at the end.
For webpages use the organisation or company author:-

  • e.g. In the Energy Saving Trust (2018) report Your Carbon Footprint Explained…

For newspaper or magazine articles use the newspaper or magazine title:

  • e.g. More people than ever seem to be using retail home delivery (The Times 2019).

For films, use the title of the film:

  • e.g. The stereotypical Hollywood icon as typified by Rhett Butler in his words to Scarlett O'Hara “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”. (Gone with the Wind 1939).

For a dictionary or encyclopaedia, if the co-operative work of many authors, none of whom are a main editor, the title of the work may be used instead:

  • e.g. “A quotation from the text would be inserted here.” (Philips Encyclopaedia 2016, p.11).

For other sources, use ‘Anon.’:

  • e.g. In one history (Anon. 1908) it was stated that