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How to download e-books to e-readers: Other e-book platforms

Downloading e-books

Early European Books, OECD iLibrary Taxation, Taylor & Francis eBooks and World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) e-library all allow you to download a PDF copy of the e-book which you can then view on your desktop, laptop, mobile device or e-reader. These platforms do not use Digital Rights Management, so therefore they do not have a limit on how long you can borrow them. Copyright laws still apply, however, and they should only be used for personal use.

All of these e-book platforms can be accessed via the Library's E-book Collections.


Transferring PDF files to an e-reader

To transfer a PDF to your e-reader device:

  • Connect your device via USB to your desktop or laptop. 
  • Drag-and-drop the PDF's from your computer to the e-reader.