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English Language Support: Pronunciation

An overview of English Language Support available from Library and Learning Services

Aspects of Pronunciation

Pronunciation consists of the following areas:

  • Phonemes (Individual Sounds)
    • We have 26 letters in the alphabet
    • We produce 44 different phonemes (more if you include tripthongs!)
    • These are divided into vowel sounds and consonant sounds
  • Syllable/word stress
    • Which syllable is stressed in a word
  • Sentence stress
    • Which words are stressed in a sentence
  • Rhythm
  • Intonation
    • The rise and fall of tones in the language can affect meaning
  • Contractions
    • Small words and auxillary verbs are contracted
    • They become difficult to hear
  • Linking
    • The ends of some words link to the first sound of the following word

Pronunciation books available in the library

Click on the book images or the links to access these resources on Panopto

Weblinks to Pronunciation activities

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