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Film: Inclusive Curriculums

Inclusive Libraries

Library and Learning Support is fully committed to Bournemouth University's core values of Excellence, Creativity, Inclusivity and Responsibility. This means that all Library staff are actively engaged in trying to make our Services, Collections and Support as inclusive as possible. Library resources are purchased to support all the needs of students and staff including Curriculum delivery

Race Equality Charter Why the Hell is my Curriculum so White?


Inclusivity and Library Classification

Inclusivity in BOurnemouth Univeristies Library Collections appears in different forms

Firstly their are books that are written specifically about diversity, equality, race and inclusivity

Secondly there are books that are written about these ideas in relation to the field of Computer Animation, Creativity and Media in general 

Finally there are books which are written by authors from many different nationalities and backgrounds  


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Inclusive Collections

Inclusive Searching Searching for Diversity in Collections

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Diverse Authors

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It's not always obvious from an entry in a search results list but BU Books JOurnals and other information sources are created by authors from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures and races . Many books