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History: Print Books and E-books


mySearch is an interface which allows you to search across a range of library resources simultaneously, including books, e-books, journal articles and databases

Finding History Print Books and eBooks in the Library

The Library's book collection can be accessed using mySearch. When you find a print book, note down the details of the shelfmark, including the letters after the number e.g. 371.30281 COT.

E-books can be accessed by clicking on the full-text link in the book record.  

Renew My Library Books

All items will be loanable for one week initially and will be automatically renewed every week for a further 7 days each time, up to a maximum of 99 times. However, if an item you have on loan is reserved or recalled for another borrower, it will not be renewed. Please return such items as soon as possible and within 7 days of a recall notice. If reserved or recalled items are not returned you will be prevented from borrowing more items and you may be charged for a replacement.

History Classifications for finding print books on the shelves in the Library

Books on the library shelves are arranged according to a numerical classification system. Each book is assigned a number which relates to its subject and locates books on similar topics together. The classification or shelfmark can be seen on book spine.

When you want to find a specific book you will have to write down its shelfmark as well as the author suffix letters which come after the classification number. 

The classification numbers that relate to History can be found below. To find maps of where these numbers are located in the library scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Philosophy and Theory of History  901
Biography,  Geneaology  Insignia 909
European History  940
British History    941
England and Wales History     942
History of Northern America   970
World History        909
Politics 320
Global Politics 327
Ideology 320.5
Broadcasting History 384
Transport History 385-388
Media History 302.230

Viewing and downloading e-books

Library e-books

Library e-books are ordinarily viewed through a web browser. This means they can be viewed on any device and don't have to be downloaded (See below). There are many advantages to using e-books including

Full-text searching - Search within the text of all the e-books held in a particular collection for a subject or keyword. This is an efficient way to find relevant information on a particular topic.

Bookmark, Highlight and Annotate - All notes can be saved so that next time you sign into an e-book all of your notes will be there

Please note that some e-books only let a few people access them at any one time

Downloading e-books

All e-books will allow you to download a fair usage amount (often around 5%) as an unrestricted pdf file. 

In some cases you will be able to download the entire e-book for a limited period. Click on the images to get instructions for doing this.