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PAL Central: Delivering your Sessions

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

Delivering sessions online

As PAL will be delivered online this semester, we have created these pages in addition to our PAL Facilitation Course in order to offer advice and guidance for delivering PAL support but in an online format as well as some useful online revision tools that you can get your PAL students looking at, signposting information, and FAQs.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at!

Advice from previous PAL Leaders

After March 2020, all remaining PAL Session was moved online. We asked these PAL leaders for any feedback on their sessions that would help for the coming year in regards to delivering your sessions online. 

  1. 'Some people engaged well, but we posted the PowerPoint on the Facebook group so everyone had access to it if they wanted'
  2. 'Using Kahoot was really fun. Just being able to see our students and check that they are ok I think has helped our students. It gives them a chance to see each other and bounce ideas off each other.'
  3. 'I went over content to do with referencing, how to fully understand assignment briefs, and getting to grips with online learning.'
  4. 'Delivering the information via PowerPoint meant they could see it all clearly when I shared my screen'

Share you Ideas with Others!

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If your students ask any questions regarding Coronavirus, please make sure you do not answer these yourselves. Instead, please signpost to the official BU guidance on the website here:

This page includes the latest statements and updates issued by the university, advice for the BU community, wellbeing services and an FAQ page.

If you or your students require any more information regarding the Coronavirus, please contact AskBU on or call 01202 969696, option 4.

Feedback from running online sessions

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Q: Am I expected to run PAL sessions in an online format if I am ill?

A: As would be the case with face to face sessions, we would not expect any PAL Leaders to run sessions if they are unwell. If you are unwell and unable to run your online PAL session, please follow reporting procedures as usual and notify both the Central PAL Team and your PAL Academic Course Contact that your session will not be going ahead.

Q: Will I still get paid if I am not running face to face PAL sessions?

A: If you continue to run your timetabled PAL sessions but in an online format, you will still be paid as usual. PAL Leaders should follow the usual process when submitting pay claims. 

Q: How do I complete my register if people aren't attending a physical session? 

A: Rather than registering those that are physically present, please register those that are virtually present and that engage with your PAL session where possible. If there are any issues with this approach, please contact the Central PAL Team.

Q: Can I run additional online sessions if my PAL students ask for them?

A: PAL Leaders should not be running any additional PAL sessions to those on their timetables. If any additional sessions are run, they will not be paid.

Q: What if I don't have a computer to run online sessions?

A: Not all PAL Leaders should require a computer. We have aimed to suggest flexible online platforms on this page that can be accessed via other devices such as tablets and phones too.

Q: What if my students ask me questions about COVID-19?

A: As a PAL Leader, you should not be answering any questions regarding the COVID-19. Instead you should be signposting your students to the BU official guidance - you can find links on this page to official BU guidance around COVID-19 that you can signpost your students to if they have queries.

Q: How can I get in contact with the Central PAL Team if I need to?

A: Currently the Central PAL Team are working from home as per government guidance, but we are still available to contact during our usual working hours between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. You can email us at