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Peer Support Leader Guide: 5 Ws

This guide is designed for our Peer Support Leaders to contain all the information they require to carry out their role, including key contacts, the process for the observations and how to claim their pay.

5 Ws



Observations are carried out by:

The Central PAL Team
Peer Support Leaders
Some members of the LLS team

Those being observed are PAL Leaders who are undertaking their sessions this year
We recruit former PAL Leader as Peer Support Leaders as you can empathise with the PAL Leaders as well as being able to using and sharing your own experiences to offer advice


1 hour long observations of online PAL sessions to see how the PAL sessions are running

The observation will be recorded using observation forms during the session

There will be a brief 5 minute meeting before the session and 15 minutes of verbal feedback after the session, followed by a written summary on the form

The completed observation form are then sent to the Central PAL Team at and a copy to the PAL Leader within 2 working days of the observation

You will be assigned up to 10 PAL Leaders to observe
During the session you will be an impartial observer and will not contribute to the session. 

When & Where?

This year, the Central PAL Team will be allocating observation dates and times to avoid further delays in observations starting

We will schedule your observations and send you the details of them - you just need to respond to confirm that you can make all of the observations listed

Once confirmed, we will then contact the PAL Leaders to inform them of the date of their observation and cc you in.
PAL sessions are taking place face to face in most cases, although there may be a few programmes operating using MS Teams. You will be added to the private channel where the PAL session is taking place if that is the case.
Your PAL Leader will be asked to start the meeting 5 minutes before where possible – once they have started the session, you can join and introduce yourself to the PAL Leader



Observations are part of the support package that PAL Leaders receive
They are carried out to ensure that PAL Leaders feel supported
They also help us to identify any potential problems or concerns with PAL sessions/Leaders at an early opportunity