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Peer Support Leader Guide: Observation Structure

This guide is designed for our Peer Support Leaders to contain all the information they require to carry out their role, including key contacts, the process for the observations and how to claim their pay.


Observation Structure

Before the Observation

  • You will be sent an email with the PAL observation dates and details, for which you will need to confirm your availability
  • You could contact the PAL Leader in advance to introduce yourself and remind them of the observation the day before
  • You should introduce yourself to the PAL Leader before the session starts on the day - arrive 5 minutes early to the session
  • Informed consent – you will briefly explain what will happen (and why) and how the observation will be shared (with the Central PAL Team)
  • Remember: Data Protection is key – the details of the observation or PAL Leader should not be shared with anyone except the PAL Team

During the Observation

  • You should not participate or interrupt the session – the PAL Leader can explain to their students that you are there to observe them and not the students
  • If the leader has no students turn up, inform the Central PAL Team. You should spend the time addressing and advising on their lack of attendance.

After the Observation

  • You will provide face-to-face feedback to the PAL Leader straight after the session if they are available
  • You should give honest, positive and constructive feedback, suggesting areas for improvement, providing your own tips and experience
  • The notes from the observation are tidied up and sent to the  both the PAL Leader and the Central PAL Team within 2 working days – this should be an electronic copy emailed to