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Temporary library e-resources: Covid19 Research Resources


This page has links to some useful research on Covid19. There are several sections; resouces available on the web; links to pages of resources temporarily made available by publishers on Covid19, and links to other resources such as journal articles and other library guides. You can post in the padlet to suggest any other resources we could highlight on this page.

Web Resources

an NHS central repository for literature searches on COVID-19

This is a special collection of systematic reviews created in response to the pandemic and links to studies  most directly relevant to the prevention of infection.

The EPPI Centre at UCL has a map of the evidence concerning Covid 19 which is updated weekly. You can search in the 'about' tab at the top, and all the data fields open up with links and references. 

Page showing the number of people confirmed to have COVID-19 and number of people who already recovered. This map gets updated multiple times each day with data by Johns Hopkins.

A quick way to search guidance for different agencies around the UK, and there are a range of filters to narrow down on particular examples or forms of evidence. 

This is updated daily, and contains literature from database searching and hand sifting. 

Temporary Publisher Resources on Covid19

Regularly updated list of resources from Web of Science. 

Lots of different links including to resources on 'slowing the spread', PPE strategies and tending searches. 

resources for patient care and a link to the 'experts' insights' podcast. 

Temporary fdatabase with more tha 20,000 citations

Free access to the latest medical research from SAGE as well as social and behavioural research. 

Free access to journals and also to relevant sections of some ebooks 

Suggestions for this page

If you have any suggested materials to include on this page you can post the link on Padlet (link below)., and this page will be reviewwed once a week.