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Languages@BU offers independent language learning for all staff and students at BU.



Independent language learning for all students and staff at BU

Conversation Clubs

Global Talent Award



Participation in Languages@BU is recognised as part of the Global Talent Programme and allows you to gain credit towards your Global Talent Award.

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Welcome to Languages@BU


Languages@BU is your opportunity to learn a new language or to brush up your existing skills. We have a wide range of resources for you to choose from including book based courses from the library with accompanying audio and video on Panopto and links to external websites such as foreign language films via the Box of Broadcasts (BoB).

We also run Conversation Clubs for 6 weeks in semester 1 and 8 weeks in  semester 2 in each language and level. These informal clubs are "facilitated" by students who are native speakers of the languages on offer. The clubs give you the opportunity to practise the language as well as meet other students who are learning the same language.

For all audio and video files which are linked to the book based resources in the library we use Panopto.

Click on the book images on the language resource pages and you will be taken to Panopto and the specific resources for the book title you have clicked on. 

Languages on offer

Languages@BU is a free service which offers staff and students the opportunity to independently learn a new language from scratch or brush up on their existing skills. 

The languages and levels on offer are as follows:

French, German and Spanish at 6 levels of ability:

Beginner (A1), Beginner Progression (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1) and Proficiency (C2)

Italian at 4 levels of ability

Beginner (A1), Beginner Progression (A2), Intermediate (B1) and Upper Intermediate (B2)   

Arabic and Mandarin Chinese at 2 levels only: 

Beginner (A1 )and Beginner Progression (A2).

The letters and numbers in brackets refer to levels on the Common European Framework (CEFr)

Language Adviser

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Paul Barnes
Room DL126
The Sir Michael Cobham Library
Talbot Campus
Bournemouth University
BH12 5BB
01202 965300



 "Hi everyone! Over this academic year, we’ve received several inquiries about learning the Russian language. Although we do not have many Russian resources at the moment, we are happy to announce that students wishing to improve their Russian can contact Maria Kuteynikova at to organise  lessons if they are interested. Успехов в учебе! "

(The Russian words mean Good luck with studies)

Benefits of independent language learning

Secrets of learning a new language