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myLibrary: About UX

Shaping library services around your needs

This page of the guide has been created to tell you about what we are planning on doing and provide further information about UX.

We will be undertaking a series of UX (user experience) projects over this academic year, to find out what is important to you as a Bournemouth University library user.

What is UX?

UX in a library context is based around understanding and improving the experiences of library users. Whilst in the past UX has focused on how people use software and websites, the spaces and services provided by the library are now also considered important facets of UX.

To ensure a library is useful for all, it should be continuously improved and informed by the experiences of its users.

That is why it is really important we try and get feedback from everyone who uses Bournemouth University libraries, so we can find out how our services are used.

Further information - UX in libraries

These resources have helped us learn about UX, and have provided information for this guide. They also provide extensive further reading for anyone interested in learning more:

Books available in BU library:

How can I help the library?

We can only learn about what library users want from their library, by asking library users themselves. 

Whilst understanding how library users use the library can be done by looking at facts and statistics, it is important to consider all the different ways feedback can be gained. By asking people to talk about the library, both formally and informally, and share their experiences, we can explore how people feel about using our libraries. By observing how library users navigate library services, both online and offline, we can see how we can make using the library an easier experience.

This all requires students and staff to provide some of their time to help us over the coming months.

For example, you may notice graffiti boards around the library, asking for your feedback. Please write any comments or thoughts on them - everything is helpful!

Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to find out what library UX projects are going on in other libraries, to share what you are doing, and to learn more about library UX developments and trends.

#uxlibs and #libUX are commonly used on Twitter when discussing UX - if you click them, you will be shown tweets containing those hashtags.