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PAL Central: Online Session Ideas

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

Online Session Ideas

You will find more to help you under the Session Ideas tab (e.g. study skills session activities)

Online Session Ideas


Below you will find a few different activities examples of how to can transfer your PAL sessions to an online platform. 

Content-based Activities 

  • Concept Mapping - By using tools such as Google Docs, you are still able to work collaboratively. Get your students to work in groups or all together, encourage them to choose a specific topic, question, or concept around which the map can be built. Start the map with the main topic in the middle of the page. Extend branches from the main topic in the middle with subtopics and connecting topics around it. Continue to add different branches until nothing else can be linked together. By the end of the activity, they will have a few different mindmaps to refer to when revising. 
  • 3.2.1 - This activity works by getting your students to share 3 topics they are confident in, 2 topics they struggle with, and 1 practice question. Once they have finished, ask the student who are comfortable with each topic to help those who need a bit more help. Towards the end of the session you can have an open discussion about the practice questions and how to answer them. You are able to run this activity on a TEL Tool such as Padlet, as seen on the left. 
  • Kahoot - Using Kahoot has always been a very popular and engaging tool. Consider using it to promote engagement with your distant PAl Sessions. Kahoot is a game-based learning tool which can be used for any subject to make learning that little bit more fun. It can be used as an icebreaker, to test the students’ knowledge on a topic, or to help them learn something new. You can create the questions on Kahoot before the session and then all the students need to do is have a phone or laptop to join in.

Technique-based Activities  

  • Revision techniques board - BY using Padlet, you will be able to create a discussion board where your PAL Students can share different techniques with each other, (e.g. Interview techniques). Students all study in different ways, and by sharing these ideas, your students may be inspired to try something new that they hadn't considered. 
  • Seminar top tips - A fun activity that you could run for your seminar group could revolve around collecting and discussing the best interview and assessment center tips; how to prepare for them. BU has released plenty of information around study tips. Get your students to compile a list of their favourite and beneficial tips on a Google Doc that they can refer back to when preparing for interviews and assessment centers. 

TEL Tools

Check out our page on technology, such as using Padlet, Menti, and Kahoot: Using technology

See an example of using Padlet below!


Padlet is a great free tool that you can use with your students. Accounts are free to set up and you can collaborate with your students by sharing a link to the Padlet you have created. The can login with their own account or conribute as a guest, although this will be anonymous. Padlet has many features and formats for online sharing including:

'Shelf' where you can structure your board with questions for your PAL students to answer

'Wall' where anyone can contribute content in the form of comments, photos, links or documents

'Backchannel' where you can chat online with your PAL students and share links, documents and ideas (see example Padlet below)

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