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Peer Support Leader Guide: Observation Form

This guide is designed for our Peer Support Leaders to contain all the information they require to carry out their role, including key contacts, the process for the observations and how to claim their pay.

Observation sheet

Observation Form

The PAL Observation Form is attached below for you to download and use to record your observations.

Observation Form

The observation form is broken into several sections for you to complete.

The first section includes general details about the session, along with a key which you will use to score the session. 

The next section has been ordered in the stages of a PAL session so they are easier to navigate and complete whilst you are observing:

  • Before the session
  • Starting the session
  • During the session
  • Closing the session

You will then be asked to complete sections on the overall session covering the below areas:

  • Facilitation Skills
  • Attributes

Finally you need to provide a summary of the observation, in the form of 2 paragraphs covering:

  • What went well
  • Suggestions for improvement in future
  • 3 summary points

Example observation form

Attached you can find an example of a completed observation form to help with expectations of how a form should be completed.

Things to note about your observation form:

  • You can return your observation form to us in either a word document or PDF format
  • There is a 'notes' area under each section for you to jot notes as you go through the observation
  • Observation forms for the most part are a tick box exercise, but we expect detail in the summary paragraphs
  • There is a final box at the bottom of the form labelled 'Top 3 summary points' - these should be the 3 things you want the PAL Leader to take away from the observation