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Placement PAL Central: Placement PAL Main Contact

This is a guide for Placement PAL Leaders.

Placement PAL Main Contact

Your Placement PAL Main Contact will be the person you work most closely with for Placement PAL.

They will be able to provide guidance on how Placement PAL will work this year and their expectations of you within this role.

Your Main Contact will be able to provide faculty specific support. If for some reason you are unable to run your session or attend a Placement PAL/STEEP event, you need to let your Placement PAL Main Contact know as well as the Central PAL Team.

Faculty of Management

Department Placement PAL Main Contact Email
BU Business School Joanna Milner


Faculty of Science & Technology

Department Main Placement PAL Contact Email
Computing & Informatics Amanda Lazar
Creative Technology Georgina Blake
Design & Engineering Manne Garon-Buffery
Life & Environmental Sciences Julie Gill
AAFS Julie Gill
Psychology Donne Homer


Faculty of Media and Communication

Department Placement PAL Main Contact  Email 
All departments within FMC  FMC Placement Team