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Project Management: Journals

Why can't I just use Google for my assignments?



This video explains why you should use Library resources rather than relying on Google for researching for your assignments.

Why use journals for your assignments and projects?

Print and electronic journals are an important source of specialist information -

  • Journals are published daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly - therefore the material in them is very up to date.
  • Journals are the first place that research is published.
  • Many journals are peer reviewed - the articles have been critically reviewed by experts in the field before being published.

What is Boolean searching?


mySearch - find journal articles

mySearch allows you to search across a range of different databases. 

Go directly to mySearch for advanced searching functionality


How can I find journal articles on my topic?

The simplest way to find journal articles is to search mySearch. It gives you an easy, yet powerful means of accessing our information resources through a single search. It searches across our Library catalogues and many of the library databases, ejournals and other external services that the Library subscribes to.

The alternative is to search and individual specific database. These will search a smaller number of articles than mySearch, but are subject specific and will give you more focused results. See the Business Journal Databases in the left hand column of this page or via the 'Resources by subject ' web page for a full listing.

Watch this short video for help with finding journal articles using mySearch

Understanding an article reference


Subject Guide

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Open Access Journal Articles


Business Journal Databases: Access journal and magazine articles

Academic journal articles and trade news