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Schools and Sixth Form Colleges - Library Guide: Study space and facilities

Choose your space

We provide zones for social learning and group work as well as areas for silent study.

Technobooths and group work areas are great if you need to practise a presentation or plan and discuss your work with others.

In The Sir Michael Cobham Library, these collaborative work areas are on the ground and first floors.

At Bournemouth House, they are near the entrance to the library.

The areas set aside for silent study are Floors 2, 3 and 4 of The Sir Michael Cobham Library and the far end of Bournemouth House Library. So this is where to go if you need some peace and quiet to concentrate on an assignment or do some reading without distractions.

Please help us to maintain an appropriate study environment by using the Library responsibly and with consideration for others.

For more help in finding a study space to suit your needs, please use our Floor Plans.


Charges apply for photocopying:3p per side for black and white and 18p per side for colour

To borrow a Visitor Photocopy Card please speak to library staff at the Help Zone (or if the desk is un-staffed, the security team based near the library entrance). 

Before using it you will need to add money to the card at a cash-loader machine. Minimum top-up is 20p. 

The cash loader machine on Talbot Campus is near the Reception Desk in the entrance to Poole House  (the building behind the bus hub). At Bournemouth House, the cash loader machine is near the library entrance.

We regret that we cannot refund any unused money when you return the card to us at the end of your session. So please work out what you need before you top it up and also ask library staff to check if there is already some credit remaining on the card from a previous use.

Eating and drinking


The Sir Michael Cobham Library

  • Drinks and snacks available from the Library Courtyard Café (open termtime Monday to Friday, daytime only) and from the vending machine on the ground floor of the Library.
  • Cold bottled drinks and hot drinks with lids are permitted on all floors of the Library.
  • You may also eat cold snacks anywhere in the Library.
  •  No hot food permitted!

 Bournemouth House Library


  • No vending machine in the Library but  a café and vending machines are available on the ground floor of the building.
  • Cold bottled drinks and hot drinks with lids are permitted in the Library, as are cold snacks.
  • No hot food permitted!


In each Library

  • Please help us to maintain an appropriate study environment by respecting the various zones and putting any rubbish in the appropriate recycling bins.