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Studying Online: Searching BU resources

Finding information

Understanding how to search for information effectively will make your study time more rewarding and productive. Look at the resources below for some ideas on how to develop your research skills.

Searching the Library Catalogue

The Library catalogue allows you to search the material held in the library. This includes print books, ebooks, journals, DVDs etc. You can also check your library record and renew your books. The library catalogue can be accessed via the Library tab on Brightspace. The catalogue is also available on the iBU app.

Accessing the Library's Databases

We recommend that you use mySearch in the first instance to find appropriate information for your assignments. But not every database can be searched using mySearch, so it is always good practice to look at the relevant resources for your subject webpage. 

Click here to view the resources for your subject.

Click here to view the complete A-Z listing of all the databases.

Temporary Library Resources

Finding Journal Articles using mySearch

MySearch is a powerful tool, as it searches the majority of databases the Library has access to. This video shows you how to find online journal articles using mySearch.

A-Z List of e-journals





Click here to browse or search the Library's e-journals collection. 

Why can't I just use Google for my assignments?



This video explains why you should use Library resources rather than relying on Google for researching for your assignments.

Searching the Ebook Collections


This video demonstrates how to search the ebooks collections. The main benefit of using this route to access e-books is that you can search across the entire full-text of all the books held on a particular provider's platform. In contrast, the Library catalogue will only search in the title of the ebook for your search terms.