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Presentations: Poster Presentations

Designing an Academic Poster

Poster making tutorial with practical tips on how to design and present an academic poster. 

Creating Posters using PowerPoint

Guides from UNC Health Sciences Library on designing Powerpoint posters for PC and for Mac.

What is an Academic Poster?

A guide from Napier University (select 'Academic Posters') to creating an academic poster. Includes:

  • What is an academic poster?
  • Planning an academic poster
  • How do I design a poster?
  • How do I present a poster?

Using Images

If you download images from the Internet for your poster, you may be breaking copyright law. Use these websites to search for licenced or copyright free images:

Creating Effective Poster Presentations

A guide from North Carolina State University to creating poster presentations. Includes examples of poster layouts. 

Creating a Scientific Poster

A guide to creating a scientific poster presentation.