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Business Management: FAQs

Where can I find online company accounts?

Where can I find Beta Values


Print sources:

Online sources:

Where can I find Import and Export information?

Online sources UK:

Online sources EU:

Where can I find information on Dorset companies?


  • FAME using Regional Sales Leads reports

Where can I find the purchasing power of the GB Pound or US Dollar?

Where can I find Exchange rates?

Where can I find the Retail Price Index (RPI) and the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

Where can I find industry averages for profitability?


Print sources:

Online sources (All available here):

  • UK - FAME using 'Peer Analysis' option
  • Europe - AMADEUS, using 'Peer Analysis' option
  • International / worldwide: Thomson One

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Bournemouth University Business School Library Team

Where can I find Share Prices?


Where can I find information on doing business in different countries?


Online sources:

Print sources:

Where can I find market size/market share?


Company and financial statistical data - free online tools


  • BU Library does not subscribe to websites listed below
  • With some of these sources, use with caution and check with an academic who set your assignment or who is supervising your dissertation/final project before using Google Finance as evidence in your academic work. They will have individual views and advice about this source.
  • Ensure you consider the validity of the content you find on these sites; you will have limited access to free information which may be useful, to compare with data provided by credible sources that BU Library subscribes to.
  • BU Library subscribes to authoritative, reputable company and industry information sources. Faculty of Management academics will expect you to engage with these sources as well, not just use free online tools you find on Google.
  • You will also find valuable information in newspapers (not tabloids) e.g. Financial Times (FT), The Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist etc. Access BU's online collection of newspapers here and use BU's integrated search engine mySearch.