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Advanced Searching: Selecting Sources

Selecting Sources

mySearch is BU Library’s resource discovery tool, which enables you to search across a wide range of library resources simultaneously, including databases, e-journals and e-books. It is recommended that you use the Advanced Search option in mySearch to enable easier search building. Note that mySearch does not search all BU Library resources. Choose the ‘selected e-resources’ link from the left menu to see which data sources have returned hits for your search (as below), but not which databases have been searched and returned no hits.

As said before not all databases are searched by mySearch. For more databases use the lists below.

Resources by subject: As BU subscribes to so many databases those most relevant for specific subject areas have been grouped together.

Alphabetical list of databases: A complete alphabetical list of BU databases is also available.

Guide to using Advanced Search on mySearch (EBSCOhost)

Which databases are searched by mySearch

 Some areas are less well served by mySearch than others, for example Law.

Within a listed database it will indicate whether or nor not the database is covered by mySearch as in the two examples below