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ASEAN Languages & Culture: Home

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

The countries listed below make up the group known as the ASEAN countries.

This guide is designed to provide staff and students intending to visit any of these countries some basic language tips as well as information about the countries and their cultures.

The language tabs at the top of this page take you to a series of Audio -visual "phasebooks" on a variety of topics. This is by no means intended to teach the languages but provides you with some useful vocabulary and phrases and allows you to hear how they should be pronounced.

The short video phrasebooks are also supported by PDF versions and audio only files which can be downloaded.


Official language  - Malay

Capital  - Bandar Seri Begawan

Population  - 400,000 (approx)

Government - Absolute Monarchy


Official language - English & Filipino (based on Tagalog)

Capital  - Manila

Population  - 101,000,000 (approx)

Government - Republic


Official language(s) - Malay, English, Mandarin Chinese and Tamil 

Population -  5,000,000 (approx)

Government - Parliamentary Republic


Official language  - Khmer

Capital  - Phnom Penh

Population  - 14, 500,000 (approx)

Government - Constitutional Monarchy under Multiparty Democracy 


Official language - Malay. English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Thai are also spoken.

Capital - Kuala Lumpur

Population  - 28,000,000 (approx)

Government - Constitutional Monarchy 


Official language  - Indonesian

Capital - Jakarta

Population - 245, 500,000 (approx)

Government - Republic


Official language - Myanmar

Capital  - Naypyidaw

Population - 61,000,000 (approx)

Government - Unitary Presidential republic


Language  - Thai

Capital - Bangkok

Population 66,000,000 (approx)

Government - Constitutional Monarchy


Official language  - Lao

Capital -  Vientiane

Population  - 7,000,000 (approx)

Government - Communist state


Official language  - Vietnamese

Capital  - Hanoi

Population - 92,000,000 (approx)

Government - Socialist Republic