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History: Magazines and Journals


mySearch is an interface which allows you to search across a range of library resources simultaneously, including books, e-books, journal articles and databases

Why use magazines and journals for your assignments and projects?

Journals and Magazines are an important source of specialist information. They: 

  • Can be published in print or digitally on the internet (e-journals)
  • They are published daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually which means the information they contain is very up to date.
  • They contain short articles reporting on research and current campaigns and news
  • Journals are usually written by and for University researchers and professionals. The articles are often peer reviewed - meaning that they have been critically reviewed by experts in the field before being published.
  • Magazines are usually aimed at businesses and the general public for current awareness and advertising.

Key History Journals and Magazines

Some print journals and magazines are on shelves in the library, and their specific locations can be found by using mySearch.