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Decolonising the Curriculum: Diverse Library Collections

Diversity in Bournemouth University's Library collections appears in different forms:

Information resources that are written specifically about diversity, equality, race and inclusivity

Information resources that are written about these ideas in relation to a particular subject field i.e. Health, Business, Media 

Information resources which are written by authors from many different nationalities and backgrounds  


Diverse Authors

It's not always obvious from an entry in a search results list but there are numerous BU books, journals and other information sources that have been created by authors from a wide variety of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. 

For example, the library has access to a number of books by the author Stuart Hall, who was a cultural theorist and political activist.

You can search within mySearch for an author by their name, by clicking on 'Advanced Search' in the top left hand corner. You can then add 'author' as a search index.

Some books written or edited by Stuart Hall

BU Research on Diversity and Equality

Staff at Bournemouth University are actively researching issues of Diversity and Equality. You can find the latest research from BU Researchers through Bournemouth University Research Online (BURO)