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Forensic Sciences: Find Journals


This is the search engine for library resources which allows you to search across a range of different databases.

Go directly to mySearch for advanced searching functionality - you don't have to be an advanced library user to use this! Advanced means it has a lot of functionality and gives you ways to expand or narrow down your search to find the resources you need. 

Discovery Service

Which database should I use?

databases for your course

mySearch already searches in most of these, but searching in a database gives you

  • Extra ways of filtering results,
  • Searching a smaller set of journals than mySearch
  • Ways of searching for subject-specific terms

Finding Journals

If you need access to a print journal, search for it on the Library catalogue. The record on the catalogue will provide you with details of what years we have in stock. All our print journals are held on the ground floor of the library in the rolling stacks. 

All of our e-journals can be accessed via the A-Z of e-journals database.

A journal or periodical is an academic publication which is regularly published with articles written by experts which have been peer reviewed (read by other academics before publication.

Each journal is published in

  • Issues - this is the particular individual journal, and is shown in referencing by the second number in brackets.
  • Volumes - these are groups of issues, often organised by year, and this is the first number in your reference.