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Design and Engineering: Finding Books

Finding books for Design and Engineering

Use this guide to find the best books to support your assignments and research. Contact us using the options provided if you have any questions or would like further support.

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How to find the best books for your assignments or research

The best place to find the key reading assigned for your unit is your reading list, available from your unit area on Brightspace. To find self-directed reading, search the library catalogue.

How to find books on the shelves

Each print book in the library has a location code on the spine made up of numbers and letters. The number is based on the subject and the letters (usually) on the author's surname. All the books are shelved in sequence so that similar books can be found near each other. You need to make a note of this shelf mark or location code from the catalogue to find your book. The main subject groupings and corresponding shelf mark numbers are recorded in this table. This is useful if you simply want to browse the shelves. 

Subject area Shelf mark number Subject area Shelf mark number
Art History 709 Furniture: Manufacture 684.1
Colour 701.8 Graphic Techniques 760
Computer Aided Design (CAD) 620.00420285 Machinery Design 621.815
Computer modelling 620.00113 Manufacturing 670
Design: Engineering 620.0042 Marketing 658.8
Design: History 745.4 Materials: Engineering 620.11
Design: Industrial 745.2 Mathematics: Engineering 510.2462
Disability 362.40483 Patents 346.0486
Drawing: Art 741 Physics 530
Drawing: Engineering 621.71 Plastics: Manufacturing 668.4
Engineering Design 620.0042 Product Design 745.2
Engineering Materials 620.11 Product Design: Engineering 620.0042
Ergonomics: Design 620.82 Product Design: Management 658.5752
Ergonomics: Management 658.544 Sustainability 333.72
Furniture: History and Design 749.2    


Shelf mark locations in the Sir Michael Cobham Library:

1st floor: 001-339 2nd floor: 340-399
3rd floor: 400-699 4th floor:  700-999


Advantages of eBooks

With ebooks you can: search full text; create bookmarks; highlight text; annotate text and avoid fines

eBook collections

The majority of our eBooks can be accessed via the library catalogue. They can also be searched at a collection level. The advantage is the ability to perform a full text search across the whole collection. The key collections for Design & Engineering are:

- Access Engineering e-book Collection

- Ebook Central Academic Complete

- EBSCO Academic e-book Collection

- The National Academies Press

Top e-reference resources

Reference sources such as encyclopedia are a great starting point for research, providing credible introductions to key topics:

- Access Engineering

Hundreds of engineering titles (also listed on the library catalogue).

- CREDOreference

Searches across hundreds of reference sources providing access to thousands of research articles.

- Plastipedia

Provided by the British Plastics Federation. Described as the web's largest plastics encyclopedia.