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Systematic reviews - searching for literature: 'All other methods'

All other methods

Outside of database searching, there is a significant ammount of research to be undertaken. The primary methods are listed below.

Hand search key journals

Forward citation search [some databases will allow you to identity articles which have subsequently cited an article you are looking at]

Review reference lists at the end of relevant articles

This is a useful way further related papers, similar to forward citation searching but looking to articles published previous to the article you are reading

General search engine e.g. Google or Google Scholar

There are a variety of search engine available, one of the most popular being Google. It is useful to note that you can export from Google Scholar to bibliographic referencing software.

Current awareness services

These might include

  • Alerts from searches you have saved in databases
  • Current awareness bulletins produce by hospital librarians
  • Discussion lists e.g. ones found on JISCMail
  • BU current awareness page

Other researchers

Consider research forums for gathering information and ideas on your field.

Forward Citation Searching using Google Scholar and Web of Science

Citation Searching with Scopus