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Systematic reviews - searching for literature: Managing references and writing for publication

Reference management

If you are undertaking a bigger project like a systematic review, you should consider using bibliographic referencing software. There are a number of products used for this purpose, such as EndNote, Mendeley and RefWorks. At the university we use EndNote and there is a EndNote libguide available.

Why should I use them?

The primary advantages of bibliographic referencing software include:

  • Manage the large number of references you may retrieve
  • Create the citations and references in your written work
  • Switch between output styles at any time
  • Writing for publication (most major journal styles available).

Particular tasks where the software will help to save you a lot of time include:

  • Title and abstract sifting
  • Full text harvesting
  • Writing for submission/publication.

Where does EndNote (bibliographic referencing software) sit in the search process?