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Law - UK: Books

Halsbury's Laws

Halsbury's Laws is the major legal encyclopedia and a good starting point for legal research. It summarises the main points of an area of law and it identifies important case law and legislation for that area.

If you want to use the 'My Documents' folder (as mentioned in the video), please login to Lexis Library using the off-campus link and your BU ID/password.

Law dictionaries

Law dictionaries are specialist reference works that record the meaning of words and phrases, as defined by case law or legislation.

You can find law dictionaries online: 

You can find print law dictionaries in the 'Legal Research' section on the second floor of the Sir Michael Cobham Library. The books have white tape around their spines. These items are reference only:

How do I find law books?

You will find most of the print law books on the second floor of The Sir Michael Cobham Library. We have thousands of law e-books, which you can access both on- and off-campus. Law books date quickly, so make sure you are using the most current edition!

Search the library catalogue (see box below) for records of print books and links to view e-books.

To find a print book, make a note of the shelf mark including numbers and letters (e.g. 349.42/SLA). Take these details to the library shelves and use the shelf mark to locate the book in the sequence. The shelfmark is visible on a book's spine.

Library catalogue

You can find both print and e-books for law by searching the library catalogue. Use the box below, or click the link 'Library Catalogue' on the library area in Brightspace.

How do I search the library catalogue?

Useful shelf marks

Law (general) 340
Company law 346.41066
Commercial law 346.4207
Constitutional & administrative law 342.41
Contract law 346.4202
Criminal Law 345.42
Employment law 344.4101
English legal system 349.42
Environmental Law 344.41046
Equity & trusts 346.42059
European Union law 341.2422
Family law 346.42015
Human rights law 341.48
Intellectual property law 346.41048 
International law 341
Land law 346.420432
Legal skills 340.07
Media law 343.41099
Tort law 346.4203