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Accessibility: Accessible email

This guide aims to assist Library staff in providing material for students with additional needs

Accessible email

The principles for email are the same as other document types:

  • Use heading styles to create clear document structure.
  • Ensure text can be selected (highlighted and added to clipboard) for use with text to speech tools.
  • Use plain English.
  • Keep the layout simple and clear – minimum font size 12, left-aligned, pages numbered.
  • Use non-serif fonts (e.g. Helvetica, Arial).
  • Use recognised rather than ‘unofficial’ formatting when making lists (e.g. standard formatting bullet points and numbered lists rather than spaces, dashes).
  • Ensure tables are accessible.
  • Make sure key images, charts, and diagrams have alternative text descriptions where appropriate.
  • Use meaningful hyperlinks.
  • If attaching documents, ensure that they meet the same standards of accessibility.