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Reading & Writing: Report Writing

Writing the Perfect Report

Learnhigher is an amalgamation of universities who have produced an excellent website which displays some of the best study skills resources in the country. This guide aims to help you write a perfect report.

Report Writing

Based on the work of expert Stella Cottrell, international bestselling author of The Study Skills Handbook, this interactive resource will help you hone and develop your study skills at your own pace. Each module has been carefully designed so you can assess your current proficiency, track your progress, become more confident and get the most out of your course.

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Writing an executive summary

Executive summaries are an important tool in any discipline, not just in business. They should summarise a long report briefly and succinctly. An executive summary should not be confused with a background report or an introduction. The aim is to convey the main points of a report without the fine detail.

There are a number of online guides to writing an executive summary -

The Telegraph guide to writing an executive summary

Examples and templates for writing executive summaries

How to write an executive summary for a business plan

Writing an executive summary for a research report

Data Analysis

This guide explains the difference between quantitative and qualitative data and how to analyse it.

Useful books