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Social Sciences: Finding books

Subject guide for social science courses: criminology / sociology

mySearch is an interface which allows you to search across a range of library resources simultaneously, including books, e-books, journal articles and databases


How our print (physical) books are arranged on the shelves

Social sciences

The numbers below are a guide; searching the library discovery service MySearch with subject words will help you find relevant books classified elsewhere on the shelves, along with relevant ebooks.

Civil rights - 323; Class - 305.5; Criminology - 364; Criminal justice - 345.4205 / 364.942; Culture - 306; Ethnicity - 305.8; Family - 306.85; Gender - 305.3; Globalization - 303.482; Health policy - 362.1; Human rights - 323; Information society - 303.4833; Mass media 302.23; Migration - 304.8 / 325 / 342; Policing 363.2; Political sociology 306.2; Qualitative research 001.43; Race 305.8; Research design 300.72; Social conflict 303.6; Social movements 303.484; Social research 001.4 / 001.42; Social theory 301.01; Sociology 301

Working with books

Books are a key academic resource and useful works can be identified in a number of different ways.

Reading lists

Books will be available in print or electronic formats (sometimes both). Electronic books are often available with an unlimited license, though for some you might need to join a waiting list. If all copies of a print book are on loan you can reserve a copy.

Independent searching

You will often be expected to look for sources of information outside of what is recommended to you by your lecturers. mySearch is a good starting point and they can also be found through our ebook collections (Ebook Central is a good one to try).

Useful information


All our print and electronic books are listed on mySearch.

eBook collections

There are benefits to using some e-book collections, e.g. full text searching (try Ebook Central)

Social theory

database containing many books/book sections on social theory (as well as other material)

Read online or download

All our ebooks can be read online, but many can also be downloaded; see our guide on How to download e-books to e-readers. Many can be downloaded in their entirety (for a time limited period) but with some you can only download a chapter.

Encyclopaedias and dictionaries

Sage reference online - Includes 60+ reference books and encyclopaedias including criminology specific

CREDOreference - Online reference books including encyclopaedias, dictionaries and thesauri in a wide range of subject areas.

Oxford English Dictionary and Oxford Language Dictionaries