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Tourism: Theses & Dissertations

What are thesis and dissertations?

What's a Thesis? Academic research by university academics; lecturers and researchers (e.g. a PhD, MPhil, MRes) and you may reference this level of research in your work

What's a Dissertation? Academic research by university undergraduate or postgraduate students (e.g. BA, MA, MSc). They are not a published source and you would not normally reference a student's dissertation in your university work. Instead you may consider the reference lists they have presented, find some of those sources, read, analyse, interpret and maybe reference them yourself.

Bournemouth University Thesis and Dissertations

UK and International Thesis and Dissertations

SAGE Research Methods

This resource supports research at all levels, providing material to guide users through each stage of the research process.

  • Learning research methods? Comprehensive introductory content covers all the basics.
  • Doing a research project? Content will help you design and conduct your own research.
  • Supervising a project? This package can support you as you support others!
  • Teaching research methods? This resource has all the tips and tools you need to inspire your students.


Print and e-books about research methods in BU Library collection

Tip: Also try entering other search word combinations in the catalogue to find relevant books e.g. 'interview skills', 'interview techniques', 'focus groups' and 'survey research methods'.

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