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Research Data Management: Data Champions

Research Data Management (RDM) Library guide

Data Champion's role description

Purpose of the role

To enhance research impact, funding potential and REF performance through increasing faculty engagement with open research data in line with external funder, REF2021 and BU2025 requirements. 

To increase deposits in BU Research Data Repository (BORDaR) by supporting faculty colleagues and advocating RDM best practice.

To champion a positive culture in the faculty towards the management, deposit and re-use of research data

Main Responsibilities

Each Faculty Data Champion has a responsibility to:

  1. Advocate RDM best practice within the faculty
  2. Maintain an awareness of externally funded projects within their faculty
  3. Maintain an awareness of PGR research (including externally funded  studentships within their faculty
  4. Support colleagues in the management and deposit of research data to ensure compliance with external funder, REF2021 and BU2025 requirements
  5. Support colleagues in ensuring that research data is deposited in BORDaR or an alternative data repository (and documented in BORDaR where this is the case)
  6. Work with Library and Learning Support to develop RDM guidance
  7. Support faculty colleagues in developing Data Management Plans (DMPs)
  8. Represent their faculty at Faculty Data Champion meetings

3 years; review with Faculty research heads.

Support Faculty Data Champions will receive support from the Academic Liaison Team within Library and Learning Support.
Reporting requirements

Faculty Data Champions (or delegated representative) are expected to attend Faculty Data Champion meetings.

Faculty Data Champions will be required to regularly provide updates to relevant committees and UOA leadership teams within their Faculty.

Role description drafted November 2018. Role reviewed and agreed June 2020.

Faculty Data Champions

Science and Technology:

BU Business School:

Media and Communications:

Health and Social Sciences: