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PAL Central: Attending your Online PAL session

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

Attending your Online sessions

This page is specifically for Level 4 students who will be attending PAL sessions. Here, you can see information on how to attend your sessions, any rules that your PAL Leader might suggest, how to access Microsoft Teams, making the most out of your sessions, and how to use the Teams functions.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact your PAL Leader, or!

Accessing your PAL sessions

The PAL Central Team are currently adding Llevel 4 students to both their departmental teams, and their correct seminar group/private channel within the team.

Once you are added, you will receive an email notification from '', saying that you've been added to a team. When you open Microsoft Teams either through the web/app (See 'Using Microsoft Teams' section on this page), or via the link in your notification email, you'll be asked to log in. Use your university email address and password for this, as you would to log in to your outlook inbox. Once logged in, you will be able to see only the seminar group that you are a member of. This private channel will be listed to the left of the screen, and will be titled with your timetabled PAL seminar group code, along with the name of your PAL Leader.

It is important that your PAL Leader hosts your sessions in your private channel, rather than the entire team for your department!

Please contact if you have any problems with accessing your sessions! We are working to get your teams, channels, and fellow seminar members set up quickly.

For a step-by-step pictographic guide on the instructions on how to access your session, please see the following screenshots:

Teams Etiquette

Your PAL Leader might chose to set up some rules around etiquette in your online sessions. Some common things might be:

  • Muting yourself if you're not talking (this avoids multiple people talking over each other, as well as background noise and connectivity issues).
  • Using the 'Raise your hand' function if you would like to speak.

Look out for any rules your PAL Leader wishes to try out, and please respect them to help the session run smoothly and efficiently.

Engaging with your sessions

Another piece of information for you as a Level 4 student, is the value of engaging with your session. When both the PAL Leader, and the Level 4 students mutually engage with PAL, it is a fun and beneficial experience for all.

As part of this, please don't hesitate to give your PAL Leader any feedback such as things that you enjoyed, or didn't enjoy (but be appropriate about it!), as well as suggestions for sessions you'd find useful.
PAL is student-led, so whilst your PAL Leader might have some session plans for when they get few suggestions, it is up to you to tell them what you want!

For more information on the benefits of attending your PAL session, please see the video below from two PAL Placement students, Hazel and Evie:

An Overview of Teams

Some of you may have already used Teams for University work, but for those who haven't here are a few tips on how to use it.

There are two ways in which you can access Teams, via the webpage and also as an app. We recommend that you download the app to access Teams, which you can do through this link. Once you have downloaded Teams, you will need to sign in using your University Login. 

Above is a video tutorial on using Teams.

Navigating the tool bar

We've mentioned in the 'Etiquette' section that your PAL Leader may wish for you to use functions such as 'raise your hand' or 'mute'. For information on how to use these functions, please see the linked video below.