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PAL Central: Delivering the Session

An online hub of guidance and resources for our PAL Leaders and their Level 4 students.

Delivering the Session

1. Start

  • If you are able to get into the room before the session, arrange seating to make group work/discussions you have planned work better


  • Greet your students as they arrive and take a register of attendance


  • Collectively agree ground rules with your students such as no phones, being respectful of each other – you shouldn’t need to do this every session


  • Check that people have brought the necessary materials (or if not, encourage sharing)


  • Find out what your students have been covering that week. Check they are happy with the planned session and if there is anything else they want to cover

2. During

  • Work systematically through your session plan, checking in often to stay on track


  • Summarise the key points that emerge from activities before moving on


  • Read the atmosphere of the room and ensure you use a variety of techniques to keep your group engaged (e.g. move on if an activity is taking too long and students are losing interest) and get everyone involved


  • Get students working alone, in pairs and in groups to mix the dynamic up – where possible, get students to work with those they wouldn’t usually work with


  • Mingle with your students – sit down with them or walk around – don’t stand at the front the whole time


  • Encourage students to use whiteboards/flip charts and other resources



  • Monitor how each group is progressing, keep them focused, and their discussions on track

3. End

  • Make sure to check students’ understanding and plan to revisit in the next session or signpost if students are still unsure on anything


  • If a concern remains unresolved, task students with finding out this information to bring to the next session.  Avoid doing this yourself


  • Ask the students what they would like to cover in their next PAL session or agree to do this via Facebook/poll/group chat/email


  • Make sure to leave the room as you find it (clean whiteboard, arrange furniture)