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Reading & Writing: Reflective Learning

Development of Student Skills in Reflective Writing

This is an academic paper reproduced here with the kind permission of the author, Terry King of Portsmouth University.

Learning Journal

A guide from the University of Bradford on how to keep a learning journal to reflect on your personal development (for example, during a placement). 

Reflective Writing Workshop Recording

This workshop is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and includes:

  • How to identify the differences between descriptive and reflective writing
  • How to describe the main characteristics and rules of reflective writing
  • Understanding how to apply your learning context to your reflective work

Video - Reflective Writing

Skills Team University of Hull, 2014. Reflective writing [online, video]. YouTube. Available from: [Accessed 17 August 2020].

Thinking and Writing Reflectively

A short course from the University of Hull on thinking and writing reflectively. It is divided into three sections: 

Introduction to Reflective Writing

A basic introduction to reflective writing from Portsmouth University, including a list of words and phrases to use in reflective writing. 

Useful Books