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Sport: Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Why use journals for university level research?

Print and electronic journals are an important source of specialist information:

* Journals are published daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, so material is up to date.

* Journals are usually the first place that academic research is published.

* Many journals are peer-reviewed, meaning articles have been critically reviewed by academic experts in the field before publication. Further explanation of what peer-reviewed means.

How do I search for articles in a range of journals across a variety of subjects?

mySearch logo

Answer: Use mySearch entering various keyword combinations.

We recommend using the mySearch Advanced Search (remember to select the full-text filter when using this search tool to ensure that the results you get will provide full-text access).

Need help using mySearch? Options:

  • For guidance to develop and improve your research skills see our Advanced Searching Guide;
  • Ask at a Library Help Zone or using our instant messaging online chat service;
  • Contact your Library Subject Team and request some advice.

How do I search for an article in a specific journal or trade magazine? How do I check which journal titles and trade magazines BU subscribes to?

How may I find research authored by BU Academics who are teaching me?

Subject Guide

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Bournemouth University Business School Library Team

Accessing Resources from Off-campus

Useful Links

What's Boolean searching?

Google Scholar

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You may use Google Scholar to broadly search for academic literature on the Internet across many disciplines and sources.


  • If the source is not available full-text via Google Scholar, check if it's available via BU's mySearch (remember to select the 'full-text' filter).
  • Do not just use Google for your academic level research. You must go beyond Google and engage with the resources BU subscribes to for you to study.

How to read a journal article when you're pressed for time (infographic)


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