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Peer Support Leader Guide: PSL Pay

This guide is designed for our Peer Support Leaders to contain all the information they require to carry out their role, including key contacts, the process for the observations and how to claim their pay.

New Process

The timesheet for payment needs to be downloaded from PAL Central and typed (please do not print and write on them).

It should be one calendar month per timesheet – even if you have one date for the previous month, this requires a new form for that month!

You must complete another form with all details if you run out of space.

Once you have completed the form please email it to the PAL team: (use this email if you have any queries).

To change your address or bank details please contact HR:

If you are a Tier 4 (international) student, the pay claims process differ slightly as you are required to complete a different form, which HR should supply you with. The same still applies that you should submit one pay claim per month. 

Pension Information

You will be automatically enrolled into the the Local Government Pension Scheme and will contribute from your first day of employment.

Please note: you cannot sign and date the opt-out form until, at the earliest, the first day of membership of the scheme, and, by law BU may not provide you with the opt-out form.

For general information about pensions and saving for retirement please visit Pension information is available in the BU staff handbook and website, and if you have any questions please email

Link to Download Forms

You can download the PAL Pay claim form here.

Once completed, please email the claim to in Excel format.

We recommend you retain a copy of your pay claim for your own records.

Please note: A new copy of the claim form has been uploaded due to some issues with inputting a date on the previous file. Please use this new claim form, and note that 'Occupancy no' refers to your 'Post no'. 'Employee no' remains the same.

How do I complete my pay claim form?

Please don't worry if you are struggling to complete your pay claim form! You can find a downloadable example here of a completed form with information on how to fill in each field.

Employee and Occupancy Numbers

You will receive an email with your Employee Number and Occupancy Number. You will need to include these in every pay claim you submit.

If you have not received your Employee or Occupancy Number by the time you come to claim your pay, please contact

Tax Information

If you have any concerns regarding tax on your PAL Pay - for example, you think you are being taxed too much - please direct all tax-related queries to who will be able to advise.

The Central PAL Team authorise the PAL pay claims but do not process your payslips, pension or tax.

Pay rate for Peer Support Leaders

The pay rate for your PAL work will be £12.94 per hour, as of the 1st April 2023, mirroring the National Living Wage for Student Leaders at BU. This has been endorsed by the Student Work on Campus Steering Group and is in use with all student PAL roles.

You can claim 1 hour for your observation of a session and 30 minutes for your verbal and written feedback.

Pay slips

You can now access your payslips online via MyHR - you will no longer receive a paper copy of your pay slip in the post. 

To access your payslips, you will need to login to MyHR with your staff login details. Follow the hyperlink above, or navigate the toolbar from the BU staff intranet: 'Working at BU' > 'HR Portals' on the left hand side > 'login to MyHR'.

If you have an additional part-time-hourly-paid role to your PAL role (e.g. student ambassador), your MyHR login details have most likely been sent to the line manager for this role. Please contact this line manager for your details.
If your only PTHP role is your Peer Support Leader role and you have not received your details, please contact us and we will follow up.

Moving to online payslips is a recent development, as is the implementation of MyHR. Please follow the guidance attached below for instructions on using this platform ('Instructions for new MyHR users', and 'MyHR user guide').

Please note: Some students have experienced issues accessing MyHR. We have followed this up with the HR team, and they have advised trying the following:

Please contact if you have any questions or are experiencing any issues.


The deadline for pay claim forms is the 1st of each month.

Pay forms that are submitted late will not be approved until the following deadline.

You will be paid 1 month in arrears (e.g. your September hours will be paid at the end of October) to allow the Central PAL Team and Payroll time to process the high volume of claims received.