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Peer Support Leader Guide: Feedback

This guide is designed for our Peer Support Leaders to contain all the information they require to carry out their role, including key contacts, the process for the observations and how to claim their pay.

No Failure in Feedback

There is no failure in feedback!

The key features to provide effective feedback:

  • It can be heard by the recipient (PAL Leader) without them becoming defensive.
  • It maintains a positive relationship between the person providing feedback and the person receiving it.
  • It validates the feedback process for the future.

Redirecting Questions

Find out from the PAL Leader what they felt went well in the session

Find out from the PAL Leader what they felt didn’t go so well in the session

This builds a level of self reflection on their own performance, providing a basis on which you can compare thoughts and identify areas for improvement – it can also make giving criticism a bit easier if an issue is already identified by the PAL Leader themselves!

Feedback Sandwich

Feedback sandwich consists of constructive criticism sandwiched in the middle of two positive comments – this positive reinforcement can help with receiving criticism

One thing you did really well was to ...

To make it even better next time, you could…

Overall you are …

Always finish on a positive note!